The 80/20 Rule

When I started in my first full time HR role, my manager told me that she used to work for a large retailer and learnt to never plan for more than 20% of her day, as emergencies always cropped up!

She told me this as I was an enthusiastic, diligent and hardworking newbie, fresh to the game and so was often first to arrive and last to leave, always trying to tick off everything on my ‘to do’ list! She pulled me aside and told me I wasn’t going to win any prizes working in that way and that advice has served me well.

It was my first lesson on the necessary division of proactive and reactive HR work (even more so when supporting multiple clients). I’ve learnt that if my 20% of proactive work is well planned, it helps make the 80% of reactive drama so much easier to deal with. So if the process and data, is set up in the proactive time, as well as the training of managers in the right behaviours, then when the crazy 80% hits, it’s not too hellish because the system is already there to follow.

This is the reason why at Eden Mayers HR we are so passionate about education, working with our retained clients not just to fix the outstanding issues, but to prevent the unforeseen ones.

As we end the year there are lots of HR related loose ends that need addressing so that you can move into 2018 in the best possible shape, lets us help you with your getting your 80% sorted, use our HR SOS service – to give you the answer to your HR problem or question, before it becomes a stickier problem in the new year, You can find more details here.