Has your first employee just told you that she is pregnant and amongst the joy and excitement you have no idea what to do as an employer?


Have you just received an ET1 in the post and don’t know what to do?


Have you just received a complaint from a customer and are unsure how to investigate?


Has a team member gone AWOL and you are unsure of the process to follow?


Got an HR Problem or Question? Get a swift answer and a plan of action?


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It's so important to address HR issues as they happen, because a delay in taking action can affect the outcome. There is always so much to do when you run a business, its easy to get side tracked and put the HR stuff on the back burner, but that often leads to more time and resources lost in the long run! One of my clients had an employee who wasn't delivering in the way that they required, but it was a busy period and they thought it was better to have someone in the role and deal with the performance issues later. However, because they didn't make time to address the issues as they occurred, they ended up with unhappy clients and having to start the disciplinary process from the beginning, as the examples of poor delivery were too old for an accurate recollection of the incidences. I always say "Take action now, it will be better in the long run".

Get a 1 Hour HR SOS call*

You’ll get –

  • A 1 Hour HR SOS call within 24 hours (Generally same day).

  • To discuss your HR issue in complete confidentiality, so you can ask all the questions you’d like.

  • Complete clarity on HR legislation as it relates to your issue.

  • Clarity on the process that you need to follow, so that you can move forward in confidence.

  • Confidence to action your plan knowing that your legal obligations are covered.

  • Email follow-up, so that you have written plan to follow.

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Eden Mayers HR Consulting has over 15 years of delivering Strategic and Operational Human Resource support to business owners and managers. 'Our passion is keeping you out of HR Trouble, so that you can deliver your passion'. We have successfully helped our clients to; restructure their teams, investigate disciplinary and grievances, empower and motivate their teams, be legislatively compliant and generally scale and grow their amazing businesses.

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* Advice given is based on the information provided

I contacted Eden Mayers HR Consulting when I received an anonymous complaint regarding a staff member. I wasn’t sure how to address the complaint, as if it was substantiated it could have had serious ramifications for my business; and investigation would mean discussions with our service users and their families. Eden Mayers were able to provide me with the correct process for investigation and advise me on what action to take once the investigation was complete. It gave me confidence to move forward and the ability to be prepared for the outcome. I’m so grateful for their support and advice.
— Source Protected for Confidentiality