Why I’m so process driven (and you should be too!)

I am a very detailed person, I like to ask questions to ensure that I’m giving the appropriate advice and guidance. I also don’t like not delivering, so the more I know, the more I can be certain of success.

When I started my business, the lack of tangible data scared me, sure I’d done my market research and had a few ‘unofficial’ clients but this was different.

So I put processes and timelines in place for the things that I needed to get done and made sure I was capturing and analysing data, so I’d know what was and was not successful.

Once I’d got established and could see how the business was scaling and growing. The processes meant that I didn’t forget the things that I needed to do, when I got busy. 

It also meant when I needed to hand things over in an emergency, I didn’t need to download my brain as it was already detailed.

Often as entrepreneurs we hold all the cards close to our chest (and in our mental notebook!). This makes it harder to handover work when we reach critical mass. Also, keeping employee and client details in your head is dangerous from a compliance and legislative point of view. Often I have clients that end up spending money to fix an employee issues because they have not documented that they have followed a process.

I keep two journals a business and personal one. They keep my notes, thoughts, ideas and aspirations. Then they become my outcomes, milestones and plans.

Having a process will free you up both mentally and time wise.

Implement a little process in your life and you soon see the benefits.

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