Do you know when to quit?

I’ve been fighting a cold this week, trying not to let it take hold!

I’m a runner and my first concern when I feel unwell is always will it stop me from running. The general rule is that if the cold is limited to your neck and above (and you don’t have a fever) you can exercise, but if goes down to your chest, you should rest!

This go/no go reminded me of a lot of the projects that I work on with my clients, often with there are defined progress meetings that while reviewing the progress that have been made, also reassesses the viability of a project and whether the parameters have changed. Sometimes this means that projects are paused temporarily or shelved completely.

This is how we work with our advertising; we test different adverts, assess their success and then decide whether to continue, pause or stop.

Establishing these 'go/no go' meetings, prevents us from wasting valuable resources that could be better utilised elsewhere.

Do you know when to quit? Are you assessing the progress that your business is making and directing your resources in the right direction? Are you skilling yourself and your team to be able to be the most effective?

Take some time out to assess your companies progress in 2017 and see what needs to change and stop in 2018!