Reunion Reminders - Why organisational culture is vital to your success

Last week I attended a reunion for the company where I had my first full time HR Role. It was where I learnt the importance of building relationships, finding out all the details before making assumptions and that you can’t do everything!

It’s also the organisation where I felt the most supported to build my skill set and included in the business, not just a cog in a wheel but a vital part of the business family.

As we mingled in the private room of a central London pub, WHILE the England V Belgium match was happening. I was amazed to see most of the graduates that I’d been instrumental in hiring and find out where they were 11-12 years down the road. There were marriages and babies of course, but also such a variety of roles and industries – I felt really proud that our graduate programme had produced a set of successful and NICE people, who are making a tangible difference in the world.

Everyone I spoke with regarding the organisation – who unfortunately was acquired by a larger consultancy and so no longer exists – said that they loved the culture and that they tried to take the values with them. What better accolade could you want!

As small business owners we don’t focus so much on the culture internally but the brand externally, especially as initially we don’t have a team, but if we consider the environment we wish to cultivate before we begin adding to our teams, it will influence the way to recruit, who we recruit and how we communicate.

This week in our, Free Facebook Group, our 1 minute HR Tips have been about how to motivate your team. Some of the elements discussed would be amazing perks to talk about with potential candidates, if you are starting or building your team.

Things to consider when creating or improving your organisational culture include:

  • Clear & Honest Communication – Is your communication clear? Are you sharing with honesty? No ambiguity.
  • Being Proactive – Are you looking ahead and taking your team on the journey with you?
  • Recognition – Are you recognising greatness within your organisation? Does your top employee know it?
  • Is there a bonus scheme in place? If so are the prerequisites and calculations clear?
  • Have you assessed your team dynamic? Do you know the type of team members you have?
  • Is EVERYONE in your organisation on the same page?
  • Do you want to give back to the community as an organisation?
  • Do you want to make time for some fun and festivities?

These are some of the things to consider, as you build your organisational culture.

Use these questions to assess your culture and If it is not where you wish it to be. Start to initiate change with just one item on this list and see the improvement it will make to your productivity and morale.