I’m NEVER Managing staff again

I meet a lot of people and I can guarantee that someone will always tell me about a terrible experience they had with managing a team, which is why they’ll never do it again. Then they’ll tell me about their aspirations for their business or their career and I’ll just know that they’ll need to manage people in one shape or another to reach their target.

Do you have one of those nightmare stories?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it. There was a time when I literally cried every morning at the thought of going into work, I couldn’t even put the frustration that I felt into words, because I couldn’t trust that things would be completed in the way I needed them to and so I was working all the hours and doing EVERYTHING myself!

But I found a way through because, I wasn’t about to let anyone ruin my opportunity to achieve greatness and that’s what I do for my clients, help them to realise their aspirations.

Like Sandy who previously hired a deputy manager who had misappropriated funds; and so while she had grown her business and hired other staff, she could not bear to delegate any of the people management or financial elements of her business and so was stuck doing accounts and chasing invoices, when she should have been creating value for her clients and opening up new opportunities.

Sandy wasn’t loving her business, because she never got to do the fun stuff anymore and was working long hours and weekends. We worked on a programme to train and empower her managers, and delegated all of the people management activities to the managers (as it should be!); hired administrative staff and recruited a deputy. This meant that Sandy had more time to focus on growing and scaling her business, her customers were happier because they no longer had one stressed individual as their point of contact. Also, a new automated system for invoicing and chasing was implemented. This has meant that Sandy has been able to build her team

All this was possible because Sandy got the right systems, policies and processes in place for her business, so that she could ensure she wouldn’t be burnt again and that any employees issues could be nipped in bud.

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