Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time there were Three siblings and they all woke up and fancied pancakes for breakfast.

They ran down to their respective kitchens and found that they had no flour, milk or maple syrup to pour!
They all rushed to get dressed and pulled open their front doors …

And it was snowing HARD!!

The First Sibling said “I HATE Snow!” Closed their front door and had toast and jam for breakfast instead.
The Second Sibling said “I HATE Snow!” thought of the taste of those fluffy pancakes, sighed and stepped out, closed the door behind them and started walking to the corner shop. Halfway down the road he slipped on a patch of ice and landed on his bottom! He struggled up looked around see if anyone had witnesses his humiliation and headed back home dejected. He had porridge (with no maple syrup) for breakfast instead.
The Third Sibling said “I HATE Snow!” thought of the taste of those fluffy pancakes. Went into her cupboard, got her snow boots out, put them on and headed to the corner shop. She took the walk slowly and nearly fell a couple of times, but made it to the corner shop. Got her provisions and came home to make lovely fluffy pancakes, with maple syrup.
What do you think is the difference between there three siblings?
They all wanted pancakes and all hated the snow, but the desire for the fluffy pancakes was stronger for some than others.
When you say this is your year and you are going to make steps towards your aspirations, is the desire stronger than the obstacles you’ll face, the fear of failure or what other people think?
Be honest in the main which sibling are you? If you aren’t sibling 3 what’s holding you back?

I was speaking with a director last week, I’d been working with some of his managers to formulate a plan for some changes within their teams. He and I started discussing the finer details of the plan and I suggested some changes to the plan that I’d also suggested to his managers – but they had not gone for as they assumed that he wouldn’t agree. Funny thing is … he could see the pros and cons and wanted to look into it!
I’ve made these types of assumptions before, I’ve spoken to candidates that I assumed weren’t interested in a role, from looking at their CV or prepared for a fight with a union official, who totally understood the business needs!
Are you letting your assumptions stop you from moving forward in your business?
I hear so many entrepreneurs worry about building, growing or changing their team. If this is you schedule a call with us to discuss your HR needs here, and see how we can help you to move forward.