Want to Land your Dream Role?

We want to help you to achieve your full potential and develop your career.

Our years of experience sitting on the corporate side of the interview table, gives us insight into what employers are looking for. We can help you to make it easy for employers to see just how amazing you are on paper and help you to sell yourself effectively during the interview and assessment process.

Our Career Development offerings are listed below:

Career Coaching Programme

This 4 week programme is designed to:

  • Establish the link between your Skills, Passion and Qualifications, so that you can identify your dream role.
  • Assess your current skills.
  • Build the best sales profile to capture the interest of your ideal employers.
  • Building your bespoke CV, Covering Letter and personal statement template documents.
  • Training you to get through the assessment process.
  • Building your confidence through interview role play.


Bespoke CV and Cover Letter

You need the right CV and Cover letter to get the attention of your ideal employer.

We will:

  • Create a CV for you that is tailored to your next role.
  • Focus attention on the skills and experience that your new employer is looking for.
  • Create a tailored Cover Letter.
  • Give you confidence when applying for your ideal role.


Interview Skills Training

Our 90 Minute 1-2-1 online training will :

  • Teach you the secret to the answering the differing types of interview questions with ease.
  • Prepare you for the varying assessment processes, so that you can complete the assessment process successfully.
  • Teach you correct interview etiquette, so that you present your most professional persona to your potential interviewer.
  • Build your confidence through interview role play, so that you can be sure that your nerves will not get the best of you on the day.

If you are an inexperienced student or have any questions regarding our programmes, please contact us here.