Interview Skills Training

Does the thought of a job interview turn your brain to mush and your palms to sweaty messes? Has it been a while since you've sat in front of an interview panel?

We can help you smash that interview and get that role !

Get your interview confidence up with our 90 minute 1-2-1 video training session. We will:

  • Teach you the secret to the answering the differing types of interview questions with ease, so that you can respond to questions with confidence and ease.
  • Prepare you for the varying assessment processes, so that you can complete the assessment process successfully.
  • Teach you correct interview etiquette, so that you present your most professional persona to your potential interviewer.
  • Build your confidence through interview role play, so that you can be sure that your nerves will not get the best of you on the day.

Introductory Price £99.00

What will happen:

  • You complete a pre-call questionnaire
  • Schedule a zoom conference call at your convenience
  • We take you through our Interview Skills Training program
  • We take you through interview role play and give you live feedback


I get really nervous during interviews and my brain just freezes ... The interview training and role play helped me to prepare and practice for my interview. It meant that I felt confident during my interview and knew how to deal with my nerves.
— Pauline Smith