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Our Management Fundamental's training, is a self study course designed to provide you with all the skills needed to be an awesome People Manager.

What you will learn:

  • Management Responsibilities, so that you can focus your attention and develop your skills in the areas that will ensure success for you and your team.
  • How to set tangible, realistic and quantifiable objectives, to that you encourage the right type of behaviour in your team.
  • How to conduct 1-2-1 meetings with your team, so that you can give both positive and challenging feedback whilst maintaining a positive working relationship.
  • How to carry out a formal Performance Improvement Plan, so that you can properly address performance issues within your team and support your team’s improvement.
  • How to follow a disciplinary process in a manner that is legislatively compliant, so that you can carry our disciplinary investigations and hearings with confidence.
The contents of this course is invaluable, it uses simple language and is easy to understand, all technical terms are broken down and explained. It gives very practical advice with exercises that enabled me to ensure I was able to apply all the new principles I learned. I would highly recommend.
— Grace McLean

Need Some 1-2-1 Coaching to support your learning?

As well as the course detailed above, you can add two Intensive 1-2-1 Online Training sessions with our Founder and Managing Director. One after the completion of modules 1 & 2 (with the associated workbook exercises) and a final session once you have fully completed modules 3 & 4.