Are you at Critical Mass? Is your To Do list as long as your grocery list?

There comes a time in the life of every entrepreneur when you realise that you can’t do everything that your business needs. That you need the input of others, both skills-wise and time-wise, so you can be freed up to do the things that bring you joy and revenue.

Busy trying to do everything? Not sure how to get your time back?

Have you considered outsourcing all of the monotonous or time consuming tasks to a freelancer, contractor, casual worker or partnering with another entrepreneur, but you don't know where to begin ?

Before you embark on outsourcing elements of your creative baby, let us provide you with all you need to ensure that you have the right tools and documentation in place; and to ensure that you have all the commercial and legislative cover that you need.

Our Savvy Outsourcer Package is a bespoke package designed for Entrepreneurs who need to get some support to grow and scale their business.

Let us help you to get a clear picture of what you need and what you want, then give you the tools to make sure that you find a solution that actually works for you and your business, whilst making sure you have the commercial coverage that you need.

What we'll will help you to do, is:

  • Identify your critical tasks
  • Decide what to outsource and where
  • Process map your tasks for seamless handover
  • Support you with selecting a service(s) or individual(s) to support you
  • Train you in Outsourcing Management Skills
  • Get Peace of Mind
  • Spend More Time Delivering Quality to your Clients

You will have two 1 hour calls/video calls with us to:

  • Establish the needs of your business and get an understanding of your support needs
  • Review of the Draft Documentation and clarify any concerns

You will also receive our Newsletter and Employment Law updates.

Introductory Price £299