Our passion is helping you to deliver your passion, by knowing that we have all of your HR needs covered (and things your didn't even know you needed!)

Making sure that all of your HR systems and processes are in place and that you keep up to date with all of the relevant HR legislation and case law, can take up a lot of you time. Let us support you as your in house HR service.

Our Offerings are listed below -


HR Support and Advice

About to restructure your team and have no idea where to start?

Got a challenging employee and no clue how to move forward? Just received a grievance letter?

Stop wasting time, trawling the internet trying to find the answers. If you need some support or advice for a particular issue we can help you. We provide support as a retained service, in timed blocks or as ad-hoc support.


Bespoke HR & Management Training

We work with you to design tailored training to meet the unique needs of your teams, whilst providing a framework to ensure all of your legislative requirements are covered.

Types of training covered include:

  • Management Fundamentals

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Find out more and get in touch with us here.



Got an HR emergency that just cannot wait?

It's so important to address HR issues as they happen, because a delay in taking action can affect the outcome. There is always so much to do when you run a business, its easy to get side tracked and put the HR stuff on the back burner, but that often leads to more time and resources lost in the long run!


New Employer Starter Package

Get everything you need to start employing staff, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

This package includes: Tailored Employment Contract Templates, Employee Handbook and New Starter Documentation and basic Management Training.


Savvy Outsourcer Package

Not ready to hire an employee yet, but need some help to get all those vital business things done that are keeping you from delivering your passion. 

We will work with you to establish what you need, package it for outsourcing and teach you how to manage the process so that you get the help that you need to build and scale your business.

Need to find out more about the support that we provide? Contact us and we’ll be in touch schedule a call to discuss you needs.

Eden Mayers (HR) Consulting gave us excellent advice and practical options when we were tackling a range of difficult issues: from restructuring our staff team, carrying out a disciplinary process, a safeguarding investigation and rapid recruitment.
— Elizabeth, Director, OffiCreche